PETYLON Pallets are eco-friendly products. Post consumed PET (bottles) and wasted Nylon are the materials of PETYLON pallets.  The process of recycling PET bottles uses less water and energy than the process of virgin PET , therefore reducing greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, carbon and even dust.

The below charts show the strength of PETYLON pallet. (PETYLON VS HDPE)
Benefits of PETYLON pallets over wooden pallets
  1. PETYLON pallets do not absorb water or moisture.
    • Washable – Hot wash, steam clean, chemically sanitize.
    • Consistent specification – Dimensions and capacity will not be affected by water or moisture.
  2. Plastic pallets are infestation proof.
    • Comply 100% with ISPM 15 EXPORT REGULATIONS
    • Keeps bugs and inspects from migrating to and from other countries.
  3. Plastic pallets are safter to handle.
    • wood pallets splinter, break, and can have exposed nails and staples.
    • Plastic pallets have smoother surfaces and rounded edges.
  4. Plastic pallets provide a greater long-term return investment (ROI)
    • 10 years of life span
    • Durable – Strength in not diminished when saturated.
    • Structural integrity prevents products damage and contamination.
    • Provides a safer and hygienic environment.